Secure File Sharing Solutions

ShareVault allows you to simply and securely share confidential documents in the cloud. It’s easy to set up, learn how to use, and you’ll never lose control of your sensitive documents. You can invite users into your ShareVault, decide what they have access to, and revoke that access at any time. Our secure online repository is available in three different models, designed to meet the needs of any business application and budget.

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Elara Bioscience offers ToxPlatform, a comprehensive central repository of toxicological data to help your organization meet the demands of California’s new Safer Consumer Products regulations. ToxPlatform is a cloud-based platform that streamlines your access to the chemical toxicity data and new product compliance regulations you need in order to ensure compliance while minimizing both brand risk and time to market.

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Pandesa provides secure cloud-based document repositories for the file sharing needs today’s businesses demand allowing you to share confidential information with anyone, at anytime, and with total control. You’ll collaborate more effectively and you’ll rest easy knowing your information is completely secure.

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